The following individuals represent the Dallas, Collin and Tarrant communities and comprise Finding Faith Within board of directors. We have currently expanded our youth services to the state of Florida.

Candi Eduardo, CEO/Founder


Fundraising Coordinator/Volunteer

Jessica Kelly


Owner Kelly Je Enterprise

Mayda Rondon 

 Spanish Advocate Translator/ Board Member

Founder United Hearts In Action



Avia Gauthier 

Family Law Attorney

Gauthier Law Firm




VP Fusion Lab

Sonya Thompson

Director Event Planning

Founder of G.E.M.S

OUr Florida Team

Yolanda Mosby / director of operations 

Family center and Mentor/ Florida Location

CEo/Child Care Provider

Jerica Glasper/ Program Director Florida Youth Program 

Pastor Melody Howell
Board of Directors Advisory for Florida

The mission for  Finding Faith Within is to provide advice, and  support group for women and teenagers ages 17 and up that have been or are in a abusive relationship as well as dealing with children that are involved and how that has an effect on their emotional behavior.


When Candi Eduardo was a victim of abuse. she didn’t know what resources were available or if she was able to talk to someone that has been through what she had gone through. It was important for Candi to tell the world her story and let women know that if she can overcome what she has gone through they can too. From this Finding Faith Within was born.


Finding Faith Within wants to help women find the resources they may need to get away from abuse and deal with the pain so they can go on to live wonderful lives. We know that everyone has a story. Let Finding Faith Within guide you to finding the faith within yourself.

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